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Cheap, comfortable surfers accommodation with great views of the surf
Luxurious on-the-beach hotel for the less than $20/night Surfing Bali - Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin, Dreamland
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Surfing Bali

Bale@Bingin is ideally situated in front of some of Bali's premiere surfbreaks, and is a short distance from the other incredible waves on the Bukit Peninsula. Bali has been a dream surf destination since the early 1970's, famed for its consistency, warm water, beautiful scenery and hollow reefbreak waves. With over 65 surfspots on the island, many of the 'new' breaks only being discovered by the international surfing community in the last 10 years. 2008 also played host to the Rip Curl World ChAmpionship Tour Event, in excellent waves at Padang Padang.

The Waves

Uluwatu *****
Uluwatu is a wedging lefthand pointbreak that picks up any hint of swell, and is never flat. Can be a very challenging wave, ridable up to 12ft and very consistent.
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Padang Padang *****
Without doubt the best break in Bali for experienced surfers only. When a large swell hits the peninsula, Padang throws down massive lefthand barrels over a very shallow bottom.
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Impossibles ****
A long, user-friendly pointbreak in front of our accommodation. Very consistent, handles a crowd well, and suitable to intermediate surfers.
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Bingin *****
Right in front of Bale, this machine-like lefthander produces a perfect left tube on every wave under 5feet. Can be crowded due to its perfect barrels, but an awesome spot to surf and to watch from the balcony.
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Dreamland ***
To the right of our accommodation is Dreamland beach, producing mellow sand/reef bottom waves breaking left and right. Suitable for all levels of surfer.
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Balangan ****
On a big swell this magical lefthand point comes alive, producing flawless barrels and very rippable walls. Set in a picturesque cove around the corner from Dreamland.
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The view from Bale's balcony of Impossibles surfspot

SURFING BALI surf bali bingin surf luxury affordable accommodationon the beach seaview bale@bingin